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Welcome to PG Excavating LLC, Springfield, Ohio's premier excavating company responsible for providing professional excavation, demolition, and land clearing services in commercial and industrial capacities. Having been a locally owned and operated excavation contractor since the day we were founded decades ago has landed us the enviable position of being the local "go-to" for and land or property services in Clark County, Ohio; here's how we do it!



  • trenching
  • boring
  • digging


  • deconstruction
  • hauling
  • disposal
  • (re)development

Drainage Services

  • catch basins
  • french drains
  • drain boxes
  • erosion control

Septic Systems

  • installations
  • replacements
  • upgrades
  • (re)designs

Driveway Services

  • barn pads
  • gravel driveways
  • road work
  • driveway install
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Full-Service Excavation:

▪ trenching ▪ boring ▪ drilling ▪ digging ▪ grading ▪ leveling ▪ compacting ▪ (re)sloping ▪ dredging ▪ residential ▪ commercial ▪ industrial ▪ agricultural ▪ municipal ▪ private ▪ public ▪ land clearing ▪ site preparation ▪ demolition ▪ disposal ▪ deconstruction ▪ driveways ▪ basements ▪ utility lines ▪ septic systems


Residential Excavating Services


Client Review

☑ trenching
☑ boring
☑ digging
☑ drilling
☑ leveling
☑ grading
☑ sloping
☑ dredging
☑ compacting

Looking to expand your home's living quarters with a room addition or other structural upgrade, but are unsure about how to proceed with excavating your land? Look no further than the tried & proven experience offered through our excavation teams here at PG Excavating!

Commercial Excavating Services


Client Review

☑ trenching
☑ boring
☑ digging
☑ drilling
☑ leveling
☑ grading
☑ sloping
☑ dredging
☑ compacting

As with all new construction projects on a commercial level, it is essential that the property line be clearly defined and the actual land itself be leveled, graded, free of debris or any other bothersome obstructions that can/will impede the project's progression.



Excavation Services -

Whether you're revamping a current property with structural upgrades and need your land excavated or if you are just beginning your project and need assistance, our seasoned pros are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Demolition Services -

Much like the professional excavation services we offer for both commercial and residential properties, our demolition coverage is one of our more highly sought-after areas of coverage that our local clients take advantage of.

Basement Sealing -

If you are a homeowner here in Clark County, Ohio or surrounding areas, and are seeking world-class basement sealing services at a fair price, be sure to contact the area’s premier contractor in us: PG Excavating!





Land Clearing -

Developing a parcel of land successfully is largely contingent upon how well the land is cleared of bothersome obstructions, including trees, foliage, rocks/stones, flora, stumps, & pre-existing structures.

Deconstruction Services -

As a part of our continuous efforts to ensure local residents in Ohio are well-accounted for regarding property development, we're pleased to now include deconstruction services as a welcome addition to our coverage.

Trenching & Boring -

Much to the chagrin of our would-be competitors in the local land development industry, we proudly offer local Ohio property owners a wealth of excavation coverage, including treching and boring options.

Driveway Installations -

Ranging all the way from single-car driveways to full-fledged, residential parking pad designs; our driveway installations services are vast, timely, and most importantly: designed, constructed, and installed with longevity in mind.


Why choose PG Excavating?

We're firm in the belief that quality, consistency, & adhering to standards in practice are the hallmarks of a successful outfit; especially in the local Ohio excavation sector. As a company, we've adopted a very project-specific approach towards performing our excavation, land clearing, demolition, & septic system services. Doing so not only provides peace of mind to our local customers but it also affords our crews the ability to simultaneously hone their already-considerable skillset.


Our Coverage: Your Land

Bringing to bear decades of experience and clearly discernable habit of exceeding nearly all of our client's expectations, it's no wonder why our demolition and excavation teams here at PG Excavating, LLC are largely considered the leading excavation outfit throughout the Greater Dayton, Ohio area, as well as it's surrounding communities.


Where Experience Evolves Into Expertise

Ranging from complete demolition and deconstruction of property structures, our all-inclusive approach towards our property services has not only been a refreshing alternative for our clients regarding other excavation competitors, it's also proven to be an invaluable resource for private contractors as well.


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